"One woman, many faces, one creator, many talents," is how Squeaky Moore likes to describe herself. Squeaky Moore is a multifaceted force in the entertainment industry, renowned for her expertise in film and television pitching. Her book, #100Pitches: Mistakes I’ve Made So You Don’t Have To, serves as an indispensable guide, hailed as a cornerstone for mastering the art of pitching.

Earning the esteemed title of "pitch guru" after mastering a transformative journey of 100 pitches, Squeaky's influence spans across diverse age groups and industries. Her passion lies in nurturing talent and guiding individuals – from aspiring content creators to seasoned entrepreneurs – to unlock their pitching potential.

Through her coaching, clients have achieved significant milestones, securing sought-after pitch opportunities on prestigious platforms like Queen Boss, HSN, and The Today Show. Squeaky's coaching prowess has played a pivotal role in enabling her clients to secure lucrative deals with major brands like Walmart and Macy's, showcasing the impact of her guidance.

Central to Squeaky's mission is empowering individuals through effective pitching, bridging the gap between brand identity, creativity, and success. Beyond coaching, she's instrumental in assisting clients secure up to $20,000 in investments and funding for their business ventures.

Recently, Squeaky initiated an innovative venture titled "Hoops to Deals: A Specialized NIL Brand Partnership Pitching Workshop for Elite Ballers in Grassroots," tailored specifically to prepare elite athletes for the evolving landscape of NIL (Name, Image, Likeness) partnership deals.

One woman, many talents - Squeaky Moore epitomizes this sentiment. With over 20 years in the entertainment industry, she thrives as an independent content creator, producer, director, writer, actress, and development consultant. Her creative journey focuses on shedding light on socially conscious issues, inspiring discussions for the greater good, and educating through her work.

Notable among her projects are "64," a viral sensation addressing father-absent homes, and "Father's Day?" debuting on Magic Johnson's Aspire TV Network. Her recent directing and producing credits include "The Positive Controversy," a show she developed and helms as a showrunner, and "Face of Darkness - Journey to Healing," a documentary exploring depression and suicide in African American communities.

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