"I'm funny, yet I was just booked as a distressed I can do legit as well.  But for now...I want you to get to know me as the funny, 35+, good looking, short haired, black lady whose first name happens to be Squeaky."

"One woman, many faces, one creator, many talents," is how Squeaky Moore likes to describe herself. As a filmmaker, producer, director, writer, and actress, Squeaky’s mission is to enlighten, uplift, motivate, inspire, and educate through entertaining outlets.  Squeaky’s career path—one designed to artistically address socially conscious issues and invoke discussion for the greater good —lies at the very core of who she is, and is continually reflected in her work and community service. A Chicago native, Squeaky received an MFA from Roosevelt University’s Conservatory.  

As far back as she can remember Squeaky has always sought to entertain. A natural storyteller with a “gift for gab,” she began using these gifts in 1999, after she created and staged a variety show, “Ack Like U know”, which served as catalyst to her starting her production company, Moore Squeaky Productions.  

In 2004, Squeaky moved to New York City to pursue acting but would soon transition into fulfilling her true passion for writing, directing and producing after “64,” a project on father absent homes, that she produced and assist directed, became a viral sensation in 2011 with more than 200k views collectively. Your Black World described it as ‘Life changing and powerful.’ On the heels of “64”, Squeaky executive produced, “Father’s Day?”, a film that addresses the effects of absentee fathers; a personal story for Squeaky, which debuted on air on the launch of Magic Johnson’s, AspireTV Network in June, 2012.  

Most recently, a web series she directed and produced, The Positive Controversy was licensed to air on CBS in major markets nationally. Squeaky has recently interviewed on ABC’s Here and Now and TV One for her work as director, writer, producer for her latest film project, “Face of Darkness,” a documentary short film that explores depression and suicide in the African American communities; and which Centric TV described as ‘heart-wrenching’. 

Squeaky has also been featured in Huffington Post, Centric-TV, Madamenoire, Bossip, The Examiner, News One, Amsterdam News, and forecasted a ‘woman to watch,’ in Ambition Magazine for her work as producer, director and writer.  

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